The Hybrid series is presented with an impressively modern glass form. Spiegelau has succeeded with Hybrid in reinventing the “Willsberger Collection” from the 1980s as a modern, machine-made series with aspirations to design and seamless workmanship. The design was created together with Johann Willsberger. The Hybrid forms embody a combination of the “Willsberger Collection” that has until now been made by hand, and the globally established and successful Spiegelau series Authentis.

The modern design cleverly combines experience and technical know-how with the sensory requirements for grape-specific glasses. This is confirmed above all by the fact that the hybrid glasses are used by the Austrian Association of Sommeliers.

Redwine/ Magnum

Spiegelau „Hybrid“ glasses are available exclusively in units of 12 pieces.

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