No more plasticisers

Exclusively at Müller Glas & Co you can now obtain the first 100 % slip-proof twist-off closures with a compound on a water basis. It has no plasticisers, suitable for filling with all products and is manufactured from sustainable raw materials: VESEAL by Vecaps.

The most important facts in summary:

• fulfils the European Commission Regulation on plastic materials 10/2011, as well as FDA 175.300
• suitable for filling of all products: marmalade and honey, pickled vegetables, greasy products
• can be processed with current equipment and settings (assembly line suitable without adjustment)
• Compound is on a water basis and free of plasticisers (PVC)
• manufactured from sustainable raw materials
• has optimum opening values
• holds the vacuum seal reliabl
• suitable for: hot filling, pasteurisation, sterilisation
• compatible with different coating systems (also Bisphenol BPA n.i. = not intended)
• can be manufactured both in the standard TO as well as the Deep TO variety

Would you like to find out more about this new technology or switch to this closure? Then just get in touch with our product specialists and arrange a personal consultation.

The entire TO range (conventional and Veseal) can be found in the catalogue. You can also order our stock range from our online shop.